New Adventures…

The ‘Ceri Lambert Designs’ adventure has been been a bit full throttle for the last 18 months. I’m not complaining, it’s been a glorious ride and despite steep learning curves I’ve survived pretty much intact. However I’ve finally managed to put the breaks on in order to take a look around and see where I am, and what route I’d next like to travel.
While I do enjoy the direct selling approach at fairs and showcases the work involved in preparing and participating in them is immense. I don’t think anyone who visits craft fair could fully appreciate the sleepless nights, ingenuity and sheer determination that goes into not only creating stock but designing, planning, building and running a shop that at the end of a very long day can fit in the back of you car!
Call me lazy but I still want my weekends to be about lie ins and playing with the kids. I really missed my family last year when I was running around setting everything up. So my plan for this year is to investigate other ways of connecting with customers and showcasing my work. Social media seems to be the obvious place to start. My Facebook page ticks along and I had a great response to a flash sale I ran just before Christmas. More trial and error for the next 12 months but hopefully a bit more carried out in my onesie with a cuppa rather than behind a stall in the cold!


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